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homes out west - Eligibility



Homes Out West provides housing assistance for people on low incomes living in New South Wales.
To make sure housing is allocated to those most in need, each applicant must meet certain criteria. 

The eligibility criteria are set by Housing NSW and include:
  •    Be a citizen or have permanent residency in Australia;
  •    Be resident in NSW;
  •    Have a household income within the income eligibility limits (see Table 1 below);
  •    Comply with the Department's policy on asset ownership;
  •    Be able to sustain a successful tenancy;
  •    If a former tenant, make repayments of any former debts to the Department; and
  •    Generally, be at least 18 years of age.
Subsequently, all applicants to Homes Out West must also be registered with Housing NSW and be able to supply a Tenant File Number (T. Number), which has an active or live status.  This process verifies that the applicant has met the eligibility criteria for social housing (both community and public).

Current income eligibility limits are listed  in Table 1:

Public Housing Income Eligibility Limits, using gross assessable income.

Follow this link to a view a current form here Table1 Household Income.

For further information on eligibility for housing see

http://www. housing.nsw.gov.au

All applications are assessed against these income eligibility limits. Applications that fail this assessment because their income exceeds the relevant limit may be entitled to a second assessment against a different set of income eligibility limits because their income eligibility has been preserved. This applies to applications that were received before 27 April 2005.